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Growth Plan Speech - On October 22 nd Father Spitzer Sue...

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Unformatted text preview: On October 22 nd , Father Spitzer, Sue Weitz, and Ben Folger, respectively our University President, Vice President of Student Life, and GSBA President, spoke at the Student Forum in the Spokane Room of the Cog. One of the main issues addressed was the growth plan, which is a multifaceted issue. Father Spitzer is planning to enlarge our undergraduate student body by roughly 900 students. This plan will take our current undergraduate population from 4,400 to roughly 5,300 over the course of 7 years. There are three key motivations behind the plan with the first being the growth of programs. In order for more programs to grow, the university as a whole needs to grow in all aspects. That initially will come from increased investment by the University and Alumni in more resources such as professors, buildings, and services. Once that has initially been established, then the student life can afford to grow. It appears as if we currently are at this stage in time with the next phase of Kennedy to be completed along...
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