The Expierence- Why I came to Gonzaga

The Expierence- Why I came to Gonzaga - September 13th,...

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September 13 th , 2007 Pathways 104 Section 16 Thursdays 11:00-12:15 The Experience The word “university” typically contains the connotation of an institution where higher learning takes place. The research and educational grants that are offered create the possibility for finer education; but, there is more to a university than just what simply obtains to the conventional idea of learning in a classroom. The mind, body, and spirit are a few of the ideologies that can be benefit from specific institutions. I hope to further enhance my overall individual development and give back to the community, both of which I experienced in high school, while attending Gonzaga University. Prior to my junior year in high school, I had always thought of myself as a diffident, unoriginal, and introspective individual. I was satisfied with that. I had found my niche in high school. I was the typical jock who excelled at sports, particularly soccer, and also managed to earn pretty good grades as well; but, I wasn’t artistic. I hadn’t taken an art class since elementary school and I only took it then because it was required. The fact was I didn’t think I was remotely decent at any form of art. So aside from my elementary classes, I never tried it. Frankly, I was too insecure about myself to risk the humiliation. I was a perfectionist. I wasn’t accustomed to failure and didn’t see the rational in attempting it now. At my high school, however, was a requirement for each student to receive a fine arts
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The Expierence- Why I came to Gonzaga - September 13th,...

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