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I agree that some sort of feminist urban planning code needs to be made because it is unfair that “girls and women are legally, politically, and socially disadvantaged on the grounds of their sex” (Towards a Feminist Code of Planning Ethics). I agree with this book when it says that women have been overshadowed by male counterparts in the working field, even today. I missed the point of defining what is a “professional” job and what is not. “Professional” jobs are not the only ones that need feminist involvement. However, I do agree with the working tactics of the feminist groups, “the development of more
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Unformatted text preview: equitable, empowering relationships in which ‘expert’ knowledge is made accessible to professionals and lay people alike.” Furthermore, these feminist groups are looking out for not only women but other disadvantaged groups as well. They want overall change in regards to any form of oppression. Working toward the ambitious goal of, they want to eradicate discrimination in all forms. This excerpt sent a powerful message to empower yourself and fight for what you believe in....
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