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Hunting Ethics

Hunting Ethics - Professor D Schwartz EN 101 On the Hunt...

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Professor D. Schwartz EN 101 On the Hunt for Good Ethics The practice of hunting animals, no matter what the reason might be, is a very controversial topic. Hunting is a very good and natural thing as long as it’s done responsibly and legally. Hunting is in our blood, in our history, and for hunters, in our hearts. Hunting by definition is the act of pursuing animals to capture or kill them for food, recreation, or trade in their products (“Hunting”). This has been part of life as long as man has existed. Most likely, the hunting of animals for food started during the ice age, when vegetation was frozen (“Hunting Facts”). Some might say that humans have evolved enough now that we no longer need to kill animals for our clothes and food. Many behavioral scientists around the world argue that there has not been enough time for the human race to make a significant change in our body or mind from our ancestors of the Paleolithic era. Some even say that a major cause of mental disease is trying to break away from our instinctual nature. According to Carleton Coon, a much respected anthropologist, we have not had enough time to adapt to an exclusively agricultural dependence (Swan 120-121). Human beings are animals, which makes us dependent on our surroundings and each other to survive. This is the way it is and simply always will be (“Placing Hunting in Perspective”). Some people say that it is simply cruel and torturous to kill an animal by hunting. All animals must eventually die in some way. Often, animals are killed by other animals in sometimes slow, very painful deaths. Some animals attack their prey and begin eating it before it is dead. Humans, again, are animals, so what is the difference in a human killing an animal in a
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fast, sometimes instant manner, and animals killing animals? Humans deliver a much easier death (Swan 120-121).
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Hunting Ethics - Professor D Schwartz EN 101 On the Hunt...

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