an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

Despite this she found the 3 minute breathing space a

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Unformatted text preview: feel I've got to get out you know I've got to get up"-P7 One woman with a history of childhood sexual abuse found the body-scan made her aware of "horrible feelings through my body that I had never felt before". She found this exercise and the longer meditation exercises too difficult to practice at home. Despite this, she found the 3-minute breathing space a useful exercise and continued to use it regularly, three months after the course had finished. In contrast, one of the other participants with a history of childhood sexual abuse had no such problems with the body-scan and continued to practice the longer meditation practices several times a week three months after the course finished. One man had a traumatic flashback of an accident he had witnessed while doing the body-scan for the first time. This flashback, the first for a number of months, provoked considerable anxiety and claustrophobia. Another participant with severe generalised anxiety disorder found the body-scan an effective way of reducing her anxiety and found it more effective than her previous experiences using a progressive muscle relaxation technique. "I couldn't believe the way I was feeling after doing the bodyscan.....when you are doing (progressive muscle) relaxation you are sort of concentrating just on muscles or different parts of your body but it's outside your body but I felt the meditation was going inside the body.... as if I've got into the root, is probably the best way to describe it. And I can get right to the nucleus of it and I can feel it"-P9. Page 7 of 14 (page number not for citation purposes) BMC Psychiatry 2006, 6:14 There was a wide variation in the amount and type of homework done, with some participants only practicing the occasional breathing space and other spending 30 minutes a day practicing meditation. One woman felt that making the time to practice the longer meditation was 'too much of a luxury' when she had 6 children at home an instead practiced mindfulness of washing the di...
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