an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

Each thematic matrix contained data from the

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Unformatted text preview: from this a number of major and minor themes emerged. Using a framework approach [13] the data was synthesised into a smaller number of thematic matrices. Each thematic matrix contained data from the interviews pertaining to the theme in question, alongside participant information such as demographics, number of sessions attended, baseline symptoms and BDI-II/BAI scores. This provided a wider context in which to view the data. Because of the subjective nature of qualitative research and the potential for researcher bias, the analysis remained predominantly descriptive rather than interpretive, allowing patients' narratives speak for themselves. Particular attention was directed not only at emergent themes that were similar to each other but also to looking at data that diverged from the norm. Page 4 of 14 (page number not for citation purposes) BMC Psychiatry 2006, 6:14 Table 4: Baseline characteristics for participants Age Demographics BDI (0–63) BAI (0–63) Diagnosis and previous treatment 50 Married Male. Self employed NS-SEC 4 38 35 38 Married housewife. NS-SEC 8 26 43 58 Divorced female NS-SEC 8 42 46 29 Single female NS-SEC 8 46 27 39 female, divorced NS-SEC 7 31 25 56 Married Male. NS-SEC 3 44 27 36 Single male NS-SEC 3 23 20 58 Divorced female NS-SEC 8 30 10 40 Married female NS-SEC 3 42 49 35 Single female NS-SEC 7 44 42 42 Divorced female NS-SEC 3 27 26 41 Divorced female NS-SEC 8 37 34 38 Married Female NS-SEC 8 38 32 Current: Generalised anxiety disorder. Recurrent depressive disorder – moderate. Past : Post traumatic stress disorder. Previous treatment : CBT 5 year – 8 sessions specific for PTSD. Medication : cipramil 40 mg (5 years). Current : Generalised anxiety disorder. Recurrent depressive disorder – moderate. Repeated in patient hospital admissions for severe anxiety/agitation. Medication : Clomipramine 50 mg. Current : Recurrent Depression current episode moderate with severe anxiety. Recently discharged from psychiatric hospital. Past...
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