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an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

My outlook has changed the kids have even noticed it

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Unformatted text preview: tice the texture. I walk my son's dog and I really had a lovely calming experience. It was a lovely day and I was watching the lovely breeze in the trees and I was watching the flowers and the river and your really more conscious of creation so I felt that the spiritual connotations were what was different,-P8 "I feel more worthwhile now. I'm beginning to feel now that there is something out there for me. I'm going to go back to work as well.......My outlook has changed. The kids have even noticed it"-P5 "I had tried anti-depressants and that and I'm not really one for taking medication if I can help it and I think something like this, it doesn't make you be in control of your life, but it certainly helps and I think that is the thing, if something can help you. Whereas the anti-depressants I just felt as if I wasn't in control anymore. They made me feel different. The same problems were there. So when I stop taking the tablets I still had the emotional baggage and everything that I had stopped feeling when I started taking the pills. It was waiting for me at the end of the course whereas I feel with this, this is a different course. I've dealt with everything myself and at the end of the course they feelings are still there but I can deal with them so I would definitely feel that this is an alternative"-P5. For one woman with generalised anxiety disorder the course gave her a method of managing her anxiety when having a medical procedure; "I got a lot out of the body-scan. There was an incidence where I had went to the hospital for an endoscopy and you hear all the horror stories about what is going to happen and whatever and normally with things like that I would be physically shaken, you know I would be so uptight but because I had this, under my belt if you like, I thought no I've got to use it, that is what it is there for, so I did use it and I wasn't shaken and I was so proud of myself"-P9. Several participants found their sleep improve...
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