an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

Nine out the eleven interviewed expressed a desire

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Unformatted text preview: ound the course enjoyable the majority of the group thought the course was too short. Although some participants commented that it was long enough to learn the basics of practice, most of the group would have liked the course to go on for another 3–4 weeks. Nine out the eleven interviewed expressed a desire for some form of follow-up and one woman spoke about feels of loss of support following completion of the course. "I felt it was about right....... what a few of us was saying, actually at the end we wished it would continue for a wee bit longer cause we enjoyed it so much ... ...the people I was getting up to the bus stop at night that's what they where saying, they would have loved it to have continued."-P5 "I think it could have been longer, much longer... ...maybe another 4 weeks on top of that would have been better."-P11 "If we even said ...monthly or quarterly something like that whereby you have still got this link and you would still have each other. It's like you had this sort of support if you like and then it's just gone. So I think personally a follow up is a must"P9 "I know meditation would be a good thing and I would enjoy it if I could get into it, it's very beneficial and I think it would The course exercises There was a wide range of views on the course exercises, in particular the body-scan and walking meditation. While some participants found the body-scan a pleasurable, relaxing experience others found it a difficult practice. "I liked the body-scan. That was the one bit that I really liked. I've got an awful lot of pain with the arthritis and when he was going through the body-scan and all that saying breathe into the pain, it was actually taking the pain away."-P3 "What I did find about the body scan when we were doing it whether at home or in here I became very aware of small itches and things like that irritated by them and really that was part of what I found quite hard to do. If it was my foot throbbing or itchy or just if I start to...
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