an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

So that was another thing that was a great plus p1

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Unformatted text preview: y everyday run of the mill people which reinforces the fact that that is what I am as well. I'm not a nut...I'm just an ordinary, everyday run of the mill person who ended up in the crap for whatever reason, and so are they. So that was another thing that was a great plus"-P1 However, not everyone found being in a group a positive experience. One man with a history of panic attacks, usually provoked in social circumstance, found the group claustrophobic. For him, the group conjured up images of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and he was afraid that Page 6 of 14 (page number not for citation purposes) BMC Psychiatry 2006, 6:14 he might become more depressed if he stayed in the group; have helped if it had gone on longer but it just wasn't long enough."-P3 "I found I was a lot better than I had been when I started the course anyway, with going back to work. And things seemed to be picking up. But I found, I wouldn't say it dragged me back down, but I felt it started to almost like reawaken kind of feelings of anxiety being in close proximity to erm, so many people and just in the group that kind of thing you know"-P7 One participant thought that some additional one-to-one sessions with the course facilitator would allow participants discuss personal problems without having to air them in front of the group. Two people talked about how the group helped them persevere with the meditation exercises. "I think if you are on your own you would quite easily walk way and give up whereas you've got the support there and you know that everybody's sort of helping you out and you would go back in for the groups sake and try again."-P9 Several people in the group expressed relief about not having to talk about their personal problems. "I didn't like it at case I have to say what my problems were....You were under no pressure whatsoever. If you wanted to come in and not participate that night, just sit, watch and listen that was fine by him"-P6 Length of the course While most of the group f...
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