an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

The mean pre course depression score was 357 and post

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Unformatted text preview: formal mindfulness meditation practice 2–3 times per week. Finding the time to practice and lack of group support were highlighted as obstacles to on-going practice. The lack of ongoing support was a common theme, and we would suggest that the establishment of ongoing support groups may be a very important part of long-term effectiveness. Does an 8-week course result in improved mood as measured on Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II) and Beck Anxiety Inventory? The mean pre-course depression score was 35.7 and post course was 17.8. A similar reduction was noted for anxiety with a mean pre-course anxiety score of 32.0 and mean post course of 20.5. Overall 8/11 patients (72%) showed improvements in BDI and 7/11 (63%) patients showed improvements in BAI with pre/post effect sizes of 1.5 for reduction in depression and 0.77 for anxiety. While the numbers involved in this study are small, the results compare favourably with results published using other group psychotherapies. In one uncontrolled study using a 12- week group CBT programme for the combined treatment of depression and anxiety, the authors report that 69% of the patients had an improvement in BDI and 62% an improvement in BAI [15]. Pre/post effect sizes for depression and anxiety in this study were 0.9 and 0.44 respectively. Although post-course depression and anxiety scores (BDI and BAI) showed statistically significant improvements in mood and the majority of the participants believed they had benefited from the course, it is worth highlighting that 5 of the 11 patients continued to have significant levels of depression and or anxiety three months later (moderate to severe range). Two of these five patients reported that they found the course beneficial despite no improvement in BDI and a worsening post-course BAI. The other three patients' BDI or BAI scores moved from the severe range to moderate range. These findings are consistent with results from a meta-analysis on the efficacy of group psychotherapy for depression, whi...
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