an exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

An exploratory mixed methods study of the acceptability and effectiveness of mindfulness

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Unformatted text preview: iewed. One man had kept the material with the intention of one day trying it. The other, who dropped out after the first session said the course had acted as a trigger for her to engage in her own form of meditation/relaxation practice. Of the two drop outs that were unavailable for interview one had a history of alcohol abuse and dropped out after only 2 classes. The other, a woman whose husband had walked out on her half way through the 8-week program was too upset to continue with the course, had since moved out of the area. The group described a wide range of benefits that came from the course. These included an • increased ability to relax, • a decreased tendency to jump to negative conclusions, The same participant later she describes letting go of trying to force the relaxation "I let go of those feelings and it just all started to come naturally."-P5 • learning to take time out, • learning new ways of dealing with difficult emotions • greater self acceptance. Another woman described a similar process whereby her ability to sit with her anxiety depended on her own meditation skill and the degree of anxiety; "I am able to deal with my emotions...I am not scared of things any more...I don't want to turn about and walk away from things...I'll take the time out to sit down and face up to it..."-P5 "I find it (sitting meditation) very, very good but I must say that when I am very, very anxious and uptight about something I find it very hard, very, very hard to sit with my anxiety.... that's a definitely a skill".-P11 "Well I think it must have helped because I usually land up in hospital and I didn't this time... ... I'm just being more relaxed about what I am thinking"-P2 In general, those in the group that were able to let go of expectations of results and focused simply on the meditation methods, were more likely to persist with the exercises and feel benefit from the course. "I don't panic the same, eh, I still have negative...
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