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Travis Copple 1 Travis Copple Emily Robbins English 101 20 November 2006 Family and Fairy Tale Underneath the story of fairy tales there are actually many signs that they are trying to tell you in the outside world. The stories all have morals in them, some being blatantly obvious and others that are hidden deep in the context of the tale. The roles of the characters all signify something, also giving a message to the real world. Fairy tales have much more meaning than what they seem. The more you analyze a story, you learn the true meaning behind it, or the message it is trying to show. The characters all have their specific purpose in each tale, holding a type of label that has been used over and over. One type of label in a fairy tale is the chemistry that goes on between the father and daughter, and between the mother and son. In many fairy tales, the connections between the parents and their children are close. The ties are the strongest between the mother/son, and father/daughter. Between these two relationships they differ significantly, showing the different roles they play. The son always follows the mother and her values, while the daughter always follows the father. The parent and child need each other in order to live. They use each others strengths and weaknesses. If they lose each other their true weakness shows and their lives become much more difficult without the other to balance it out. Family is a strong sign in the story of a fairy tale. For example, connection between the mother and son is more of a balance and dependency than a father and daughter relationship. In the short story “Cupid and
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Travis Copple 2 Psyche,” the two characters, Cupid and Venus, are in need of each other. Venus uses Cupid when she was in trouble. “As always when she was in trouble she turned for help
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fantasy paper - Travis Copple 1 Travis Copple Emily Robbins...

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