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int20 6 - Rob Cummings Journal 6 People of color especially...

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1Rob Cummings 2/20/07 Journal 6 People of color, especially black people, have been disadvantaged throughout the existence of the United States of America. They do not have the same privileges that white people have in this country, which in turn results in lesser paying jobs, worse education, and in most cases a harder life. It is ignorant to think that people of color brought this lifestyle upon themselves. The article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” talks about this and how being white gives you advantages in the world. The article’s list of everyday privileges that white people take for granted made me realize how much easier white people’s lives are compared to people of color. It also made me realize that racism is not just acts of meanness of certain people in my group but also in invisible systems that insured racial dominance on my group since birth. The article “Becoming Visible” used real life experiences, instead of facts and statistics, to portray the struggles of being homosexual which I liked better because it gave me a first hand account. Each of the stories were unique and discussed different situations that each kid was put in that tested the strength and courage that it takes to be gay in the world today. Little did I know
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int20 6 - Rob Cummings Journal 6 People of color especially...

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