2_Physics Homework - Chapter 4

Therefore the magnitude of the force exerted by

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Unformatted text preview: skater. Therefore the magnitude of the force exerted by friction is EX 4.16 An electron (mass = kg)leaves one end of a TV picture tube with zero initial speed and travels in a straight line to the accelerating grid, which is 1.80cm away. It reaches the grid with a speed of m/s. If the accelerating force is constant, compute (a) the acceleration; (b) the time to reach the grid; (c) the net force, in newtons. (ignore gravitational force) (a) We know from kinematics third equation of motion we have Given mass of the electron is kg Initial speed of electrons is m/s Final speed of electrons is m/s The distance the electrons travel is m Acceleration of the electrons is (b) From Newton’s first law of motion we have Time taken by electrons to reach the grid is (c) The net force in newtons is...
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