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3_Physics Homework - Chapter 5

0 cm a assuming it to be constant what was its

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Unformatted text preview: cm. (a) Assuming it to be constant, what was its acceleration (in m/s2 and in g’s) during the crash? (b) What force did the ground exert on the capsule during the crash? Express the force in newtons and as a multiple of the capsule’s weight. (c) For how long did this force last? Use the kinematic information to find the acceleration of the capsule and the stopping time. Use Newton’s second law to find the force F that the ground exerted on the capsule during the crash. SET UP: Let +y be upward. 311 km/h = 86.4 m/s. The free-body diagram is to the side. EXECUTE: , m/s , . gives (b) applied to the capsule gives and (c) EVALUATE: The upward force exerted by the ground is much larger than the weight of the capsule and stops the capsule in a short amount of tim...
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