5_Physics Homework - Chapter 1 - fixed

0 west of north and finally walk 100km at 400 north

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Unformatted text preview: 30.0° west of north, and finally walk 1.00km at 40.0° north of east, where you find the treasure: a biography of Isaac Newton! (a) To return to the old oak tree, in what direction should you head and how far should you walk? Use components to solve this problem. (b) To see whether your calculation in part (a) is reasonable, check it with a graphical solution drawn roughly to scale. EX 1.91: A cube is placed so that one corner is at the origin and three edges are along the x-, y-, and z-axes of a coordinate system. Use vectors to compute (a) the angle between the edge along the z-axis (line ab) and the diagonal from the origin to the opposite corner (line ad), and (b) the angle between line ac (the diagonal of a face) and line ad....
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