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int20 8 - Rob Cummings Journal 8 The article"Facebook and...

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1Rob Cummings 3/7/07 Journal 8 The article “Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites Raise Question for Administrators” brings up another way adults try to have compete control over teenagers. Facebook was created for college students to help get to know other students who share common interests and to keep in touch with friends, but the authorities have basically changed it into a trap for kids to be seen or heard making a bad example of themselves. I agree that things that would prevent you from getting a job shouldn’t be posted on facebook or anywhere for that matter, but other than that I think that the administrators should just let the students use facebook without having to worry about getting in trouble. The article “Good Vibrations Guide to Sex” wasn’t a stereotypical sex talk scare minors where when your done reading it your thinking “ I am never having sex”. It stressed communication to improve your sex life or more importantly get rid of the awkwardness of talking about sex with a partner. I agree that communication between partners would help enhance a relationship both physically and non physically. The communication skills might start
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int20 8 - Rob Cummings Journal 8 The article"Facebook and...

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