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good study guide final

good study guide final - "watergate Little W The actual...

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1 “watergate”- Little W. .. The actual break in. Who: President Nixon, wanted to win the election so bad that he wanted to break into the democratic headquarters for the 1972 election. The plumbers were the 5 former CIA members. When: June 17,1972 Where: Washington D.C. the Watergate Hotel, the democratic headquarters for the democratic party, broke into the office of Larry O’Bryant, to try to see their plan of action for the election to try to beat Nixon. Why: Nixon wanted to destroy every single candidate that could possibly beat him in the election so he could get re-elected. He wanted to win the election so bad he paid people to break into the hotel to try to get information about the other parties plan for the election. How: He hired 5 former members of the CIA to break in, and they made a huge mistake. They put duct tape on the doors and on the outside too, so the security guards saw and caught them. Nixon tried to deny it and paid them $400,000 dollars for hush money. It leads to the bigger W. It shows the disillusionment of the president and how we can’t count on him, when he should be the leader of our country. “Watergate”- Big W. .. The bigger picture. Who: President Nixon and the people he paid to work for him, and the companies that were involved with the illegal fund-raising. What: Illegal fund-raising, wiretapping, cantelpo (domestic surveillance) Nixon ordered his right hand men to demand money for the Nixon presidential committee, CREEP (committee to re- elect president) from large corporations $100,000 in 1972. He laundered the money in Mexican banks. He wiretapped different things to see if anyone had information about the Democratic party. Where: The White house, in Washington D.C. The watergate hotel. And other corporate companies around the United States that he made them give a $100,000 dollars too. Why: Because he wanted to win the presidential election so bad, he hired other people to “destroy” other candidates so they wouldn’t have a chance of winning. And he ended up winning by one of the biggest landslides American election history has ever seen. How: He hired other people to do his dirty work, so he actually wasn’t involved in anything besides telling people what to do. When: Right before his election in 1972. It all happened within this time period because the whole point was the election. Black Panther Party Who: Black Panthers, a Civil Rights Movement group of people What: This is where the shift goes from non-violent to violent. Also talked about in the book Coming of Age in Mississippi. The resistance from whites was incredible and it showed disillusionment.
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Where: It was a party all over the U.S. There was black panther members everywhere. Why: The goal of this movement was integration, separation, and black power.
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good study guide final - "watergate Little W The actual...

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