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Travis Copple Response Paper Mr. Noble October 9, 2007 Sculpture Response There are many different types of sculptures and techniques used to make these sculptures in the world today. In the halls of the Carlson Center there were many different styles of sculpture that had been made. Because of these many differences it was hard to choose which one was my favorite. It is amazing the ideas some people have based on the sculptures that I saw. Some of the sculptures were very well made, while others seemed questionable to whey they were being displayed. Over all though, I think many of them were very well done. The sculpture I chose to do a response on didn’t have a name to it, as it was titled Untitled . It was a full round sculpture because it was a pot/bowl. You could view it from any angle to view the different types of design on the sculpture. The bowl was made out of ceramic and it seemed like it was covered with some kind of shiny substance. There could have been different techniques that were used during the making of this sculpture.
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Unformatted text preview: Manipulation could have been used to make the shape of the bowl, or the person could have used subtraction to cut away if the ceramic object was already one full piece. It also could have been substitution. I like this sculpture because besides the pot just being made, there were paintings on the sides of it. There were three or so different kinds of fish that were applied to this sculpture and they were very well painted. I think this it was drew me mostly to the sculpture. I also like the shape of the pot and how it is a simple design that was made into more because of the designs that were applied to it. The element of art that I like about this sculpture is the dynamics. There were different applications of art that were applied to this pot that makes it was it is. The size of it isnt very astounding and lighting doesnt really effect the way the pot looks....
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