Thuật ngữ tin h�c

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Unformatted text preview: Account: T i khon ,l s kt hp ca hai yu t username v password do mt dch v n o cung cp cho bn khi bn ng k vi h bo mt cho bn ATM: L ch vit tt ca "Asynchronous Transfer Mode". y l mt k thut mng nh hng kt ni m s dng nhng cell nh c kch thc c nh mc thp nht. ATM c u im v kh nng h tr d liu thoi v video ACK: L ch vit tt ca "Acknowledgement" ARP: L ch vit tt ca "Address Resolution Protocol". Giao thc TCP/IP c s dng lin kt ng mt a ch IP cp cao v o mt a ch phn cng cp thp Anonymous: n danh, nc danh Buffer Overflow: Li tr n b m. y l mt trong nhng k thut Hacking kinh in nht CGI: L ch vit tt ca "Common Gateway Interface". y l mt phng php cho php giao tip gia server v chng trnh nh cc nh dng c t thng tin.- Lp trnh CGI cho php vit chng trnh nhn lnh khi u t trang web, trang web dng nh dng HTML khi to chng trnh- Chng trnh CGI chy di bin mi trng duy nht. Khi WWW khi to chng trnh CGI n to ra mt s thng tin c bit cho chng trnh v p ng tr li t chng trnh CGI. Sau server xc nh loi file chng trnh cn thc thi.- Ni tm li lp trnh CGI l vit chng trnh nhn v truyn d liu qua Internet ti WWW server . Chng trnh CGI s dng d liu v gi p ng HTML tr li my khch Cookie: L nhng phn d liu nh c cu tr c chia s gia web site v browser ca ngi dng c m ho bi Website . cookies c lu tr di nhng file d liu nh dng text (size di 4k). Chng c cc site to ra lu tr/truy tm/nhn bit cc thng tin v ngi dng gh thm site v nhng vng m h i qua trong site. Nhng thng tin n y c th bao gm tn/nh danh ngi dng, mt khu, s thch, thi quen......
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