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psyc120 April_3 - Deindividualization Love A good...

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Deindividualization - Name is not known then more likely to say what you want - Loss of individuality or depersonalization…. . Love A good relationship - Is the single most important factor in determining with - Happiest p;der [eole - Have a satisfying relationship 1.Repeated exposure - Mere exposure effect - Geographical nearness First Impressions - First impression is neutral or positive - Then repeated exposure will lead to liking 2. Emotions - Conditioning effects - Example: music 3. Affiliation (traits) - Extrovert – high affiliation for other people - Introvert – Low affiliation for other people o Need to be aware of partner’s affiliation style - Some situation bring people together - Other situations make them drift apart Complementary Schizmogenesis - The more you push, the more the other pulls away
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- Solution: let him or her be - Relationships come close then move apart 4. Attractiveness - Halo effect o Matching hypothesis: All things being equal, you tend to marry someone who is similar in level of attractiveness 5. Similarities Social Validation
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psyc120 April_3 - Deindividualization Love A good...

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