Graphsfrequencydistributionsvs scatterplots

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Unformatted text preview: dedicated to understanding quantitative research methodologies. • In order to understand these methodologies it is essential to have a basic understanding of … – – Graphs Basic statistics y axis shows what was not known before you collected the data Graphs: The anatomy of a graph Graphs: The anatomy of a graph The relationship between variables on x and y axes is plotted here x axis typically shows what was known before you collect data Graphs: frequency distributions vs. Graphs: frequency distributions vs. scatterplots • Frequency distribution – Y axis shows the number or frequency of observations • How many times did we observe data within a range specified on the x axis – Y axis is an ratio scale (number of counts) – X axis can be any scale • Scatterplot – X and Y axes both show the value of a specific measurement – X and Y values are both either interval or ratio scale y axis shows frequency, or number of counts Graphs: The anatomy of a Graphs: The anatomy of a frequency distribution The number of counts is represented by th...
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