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Unformatted text preview: riptive statistics to summarize a variable for a group of individuals • Among first year psychology students, what is the mean time spent • studying for the final exam? How many first year students gamble? How often? What games do they play? Correlational research Correlational research • Correlational research attempts to identify correlations between variables – Measurement of two or more interval or ratio scale variables • Is there a correlation between family income and GPA? • Is there a correlation between scores in the first and • second midterms? Is there a correlation between age and a measure of optimism? • Data analysis – To understand the correlational research strategy, one must understand what a correlation is. y axis shows the dependent variable Showing correlations: Showing correlations: Scatterplots The measured values of 2 variables are plotted for each sample x axis shows the independent variable Showing correlations: Scatterplots Showing correlations: Scatter...
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