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Unformatted text preview: ction between qualitative and quantitative is not simply numbers or no numbers • The use of categorical data or observation is frequently used in quantitative research – E.g., you may categorize people on the basis of their hair colour , or the presence or absence of another characteristic such as eye colour. – In this course we focus on quantitative research methods • Your assignment should adopt a quantitative research strategy Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Qualitative Quantitative The aim is a complete, detailed description. The aim is to classify features, count them, and construct statistical models in an attempt to explain what is observed. Researcher may only know roughly in advance what he/she is looking for. Not necessarily have a hypothesis. Recommended during earlier phases of research projects. Researcher knows clearly in advance what he/she is looking for. Almost always has a hypothesis. Recommended during latter phases of research projects. The design emerg...
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