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Eric Holzer 05/01 On my extra credit project of going out of the acceptable behavior of society I performed an act in Owen Hall. While trying on all my racing equipment I decided to run around the basement and lobby of Owen fully suited to race. My team mates chased after me and we made a lot of noise and brought a lot of attention to ourselves. This activity brought me to realize how hard it is to branch out of the social norms. As I ran through the halls I felt the burn of everybody’s eyes piercing through me. Although I was doing nothing wrong or illegal I could feel the disapproval of everybody in the hall. I felt the need to get their approval and to change the way I act so that they did not disapprove. After the activity I took some time to analyze the situation that I put myself and once again it made me appreciate the power that society has on individuals. As I looked back on the situation I
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Unformatted text preview: realized how sheltered I was in my racing suit. I had a full body suit with shoes, helmet, and gloves on. With all these layers of clothing on there wasn’t a person in the room that could tell who I was. I asked myself what I would do if I was there without my helmet. I am not sure if I would have been able to go through with the whole activity. The pressure from other people would have been too much to bear. In summation, this activity made me realize the pressure that society on individuals today. I think that it would be interesting to experiment on this topic on a large scale. I wonder if in different societies such as China or Europe if social pressure is greater or less. Could the way that someone is raised change social pressure. There are so many factors that could affect that and it would be very interesting to see which factors are extremely important and which are not...
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