psyc120 feb_21 - Psychopathology (day 2) Sexual &...

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Psychopathology (day 2) Sexual & Gender Identity Disorder - Types of Sexual Disorder o Dysfunctions vs Paraphilias (unconventional sex) - Greatest Sex Organ o Brain - Masters and Johnson o 30 – 35 year doing research on sexual problems - Performance Anxiety: I o Feeling anxious around the process of sexual intercourse o Comprised of Arousal Cognitive processes Negative effect - Performance Anxiety: II o To much drinking resulting is performance difficulties o Resulting in worry about performance next time o Creating Self fulfilling prophecy - Performance Anxiety III o Spectatoring: watching oneself , not participation - Solution: Sensate Focus: Stage 1 o No intercourse o Rather ( for a few days) Kissing Hugging Massaging
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Exploring - Stage 2 o Genital pleasuring - Stage 3 o Slowly begin sexual activity Paraphilias - Persistent sexual behavior patterns in which o Unusual objects of situations are required for sexual satisfaction - Sexual Orientation o The percentage of identical twins in which both are gay is 50%
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psyc120 feb_21 - Psychopathology (day 2) Sexual &...

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