psyc120 feb_26 - Similarities: Anorexia &...

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Unformatted text preview: Similarities: Anorexia & Bulimia- Typical profile: young (age 13-19) o White female upper SES, socially competitive environment- Preoccupation with dieting, food, weight & body size- Discomfort when eating with others- Severe changes in habits, mood, personality- Hyperactivity, difficulty with sleep and concentration- GI complaints, fatigue, headaches, edema, and paraesthesia- Approval seeking- Problems with interpersonal relationships- Motivated by an overwhelming urge to be thin Differences in Anorexia and Bulimia- 1. Anorexia: denial of abnormal eating pattern- Bulimia: recognizes abnormal eating pattern- 2. Anorexia: introverted- Bulimia: extroverted- 3. Anorexia: turns away from food to cope- Bulimia: turns to food to cope- 4. Anorexia: distortion body image- Bulimia dissatisfaction w/ body weight and shape- 5. Anorexia: preoccupied with losing more and more lbs- Bulimia: preoccupied with attaining an ideal A dysfunction in the neurotransmitter SEROTONIN has been observed in both anorexics and bulimics...
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psyc120 feb_26 - Similarities: Anorexia &...

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