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Unformatted text preview: ducts which type of marketing research? A) Observational research B) Experimental research C) Telephone interviewing D) Focus group interviewing E) Sampling research 8) According to Minicase C, John’s work with statistics is probably used in which of the following areas of marketing research? A) Focus group interviewing B) Sampling C) Developing structured surveys D) Exploratory research E) All of the above. 9) According to Minicase C, Sonia is most likely involved in: A) experimental research. B) descriptive research. C) sampling research. D) exploratory research. E) statistical research. 3 TUTORIAL QUESTIONS Question 1. Briefly contrast exploratory, descriptive, and causal research. Question 2. When considering the three (3) main contact methods for primary data collection, what are their respective strengths and weaknesses when considering the seven (7) key characteristics? Question 3. Two of your friends hav...
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