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psyc120 Mar_20 - Controlling Rewards decrease Intrinsic...

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James –Lange Theory - We have body experience first then me deduce the emotion - Tears first then sad Cannon – Bard - Simulations - Feel embarrassed same time as blush 2 factor theory of Emotion - Cognitive Label - Experience Emotion 2 theories of Happiness - Adaptation level Phenomenon - Our tendency to form judgments relative to our prior experience Relative Deprivation Theory - The perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself - Compare what you got to what other people have Motivation - Instinct Theory o Early 1900s o We do what we do because there is an instinct to do so - Psychoanalytic Theory : Freud o Libido o Sublimation: Re-channeling unacceptable feelings or impulses to acceptable forms
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- Behaviorist Theory o Social environment: things we’re rewarded for we continue to do o Intrinsic Motivation: if left alone what will kids do (magic markers)
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Unformatted text preview: Controlling Rewards decrease Intrinsic Motivation (if you do we will give) Informative Rewards Increase Intrinsic Motivation (give after doing good job)-Humanistic Theory: Maslows Hierarchy of needs 1 Self Actualization 2 Esteem Needs 3 Social Needs 4 Safety Needs 5 Physiological Needs o Motivated to have a vacation- theory Y o People Motivated by jobs where they do it for the paycheck Theory X-Cognitive Theory o Motivated bc it tells me WHO I AM usually in reference to others-Yerkes-Dodson Theory (law) o Want to reach optimal level of arousal o Optimal level is different for each person-Internal Push (BIO)-External Pull (SOCIAL)-Hunger pushes w/in self to tell self to eat-External forces pull eating pattern...
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psyc120 Mar_20 - Controlling Rewards decrease Intrinsic...

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