Then use t10 or t5 to add in missing variables or the

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Unformatted text preview: +y’+z’) (w+x+y+z) (w’+x+y+z) (w+x+y+z’) (w’+x +y+z’) (w+x+y+z) (w’+x+y+z) (w+x+y’+z) (w’+x+y’+z) M0 • M1 • M2 • M3 • M4 • M5 • M6 • M7 • M8 • M9 • M10 Shahin Nazarian/EE101/Spring 2012 Maxterms in Canonical Prod. 84 [Optional] Application: TRUST Program •  The situation… •  U.S. military consumes 1% of all chips worldwide •  More and more chips are designed in the U.S. but fabricated in other countries (Taiwan, Korea, etc.) •  Chip designs often use some IP (=Intellectual Property = pre-designed circuit components from another vendor) •  The problem: Sabotage in the form of… •  Malicious changes to a design before fabrication •  Introduce flaws during the fabrication process •  Add additional logic that can be triggered at some later point in time •  Solution: DARPA’s Trust in IC’s program Shahin Nazarian/EE101/Spring 2012 85 [Optional] Application: TRUST Program Shahin Nazarian/EE101/Spring 2012 86 [Optional] Solutions •  Design Changes •  Simulation –  Describe the circuit to a computer, indicate what input combinations to plug in and let software CAD tools tell us what the output will be –  Problem: 2n combinations…too many •  Formal Verification –  Given two circuits, use theorems and other methods to formally prove that two circuits are equivalent or not •  Fabrication Errors •  Reverse Engineer a circuit: shave off one layer of a chip at a time, taking images of each layer and let a computer reconstruct a model of the circuit; then compare it to original design •  Other more advanced techniques (X-ray imaging, etc.) Shahin Nazarian/EE101/Spring 2012 87 [Optional] Trust Program Participants Shahin Nazarian/EE101/Spring 2012 88...
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