Variable - Variable: characteristic that changes or varies...

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Variable: characteristic that changes or varies over time or different subjects. (the thing that’s measured). Experimental unit: subject/object on which a variable is being measured on. Population: set if all measurements of interest. Qualitative- nonnumeric. Quantitative-numeric. Discrete: whole #’s. Continuous: speed, many positive values. Genre-categories. Frequency: # of measurements in each category. Relative freq: the freq divided by the total freq/n. parameter: a numerical measure that describes a population. Statistic: a numerical value that describes a sample. Experiment: the process by which an observation (or measurement) is obtained. Simple event: the outcome that is observed on a single repetition of the experiment- E1=A E2=B E3=AB E4=0. Event: collection of simple events – A: {E1, E3, E5}. B: {E1, E2, E3}. Mutually exclusive: two events are mutually exclusive when one event occurs, the others cannot. Ex. The 2 experiments are NOT mutually exclusive bc they have E3 in common. Sample space: set of all simple events, S-outcomes. S={A,B, AB,O}. there can be + or – bloodtypes, so therefore there are 8 outcomes. Union: A U B, the event that either A or B both occur. Intersection: A ∩B, A and B occur. Complement: of an event A, A C ,the event that A does not occur. Range: of a set of n measurements is defined as the difference between the largest and smallest numbers. MEASURES OF CENTER
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Variable - Variable: characteristic that changes or varies...

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