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Professor Bishop ENGLIT 1699 December 7, 2007 Star Wars: Setting a New Standard to the Science-Fiction Genre During the 1970s, the science-fiction genre was on a steady decline, while violent films in urban locales began to dominate the film industry . Nearing the end of the decade, it was time for something new and revitalization to this declining genre . Fortunately, the answer lied within USC graduate and independent filmmaker, George Lucas, and on May 25, 1977 George Lucas premiered his first nationally recognized movie . Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was an immediate hit at the box office, despite a limiting $11,000,000 budget . Star Wars was a smash hit, and within the first eight weeks it grossed quadruple the original budget . Star Wars is one of the greatest movies of its genre, and currently ranks second in the All Time US Box Office Chart for total gross sales . Part of its success can be attributed to its timing . After the Vietnam War, Star Wars allowed the audience to forget about a suffering economy and enter a 125-minute escape of reality into the realm of space fantasy . Star Wars is the new science-fiction myth for the ages . George Lucas redefined the science-fiction genre not only with the revolutionary special effects that no audience had ever witnessed before, but also with an unforgettable storyline that has surpassed the test of time, full of many underlying themes . Prior to the film, George Lucas was a little known talent with dreams of
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becoming a major Hollywood director . His first major feature film, THX-1138, was an impressive feat, unfortunately the critics weren’t as adamant about it . His next film American Graffiti was very successful, it was nominated for multiple Oscars, and gave studios a second look to an otherwise mediocre director . While George Lucas was in the process of finishing his first big hit film, he had already started brainstorming about the next film . He first concocted the idea for Star Wars in 1972, and labored for years developing his ideal script . Most Hollywood studios were not very welcoming to the new idea that was Star Wars due to the low popularity of the genre . They were afraid of changing what works and trying something new . Luckily, 20 th Century Fox made an amazing risk- reward decision in picking up Lucas and the film . However the making of the film wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be . Hiring the right cast was crucial for a movie as unanticipated as this one . It took months before he could find the right cast, renowned actors like Kurt Russell, Burt Reynolds, James Cann, and Al Pacino all turned him down his invitation . Countless setbacks pushed the release date of the film back one year after . At the heart of these setbacks were issues with shooting, editing and special effects (which went on to win an Oscar for the landmark visuals in the film) . George Lucas was forced to reside on a controversial cast, consisting of three unknowns: Harrison Ford (who was also in
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starwars - Professor Bishop ENGLIT 1699 December 7, 2007...

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