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Exam 1 Essay Question - Exam Essay Question During my...

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Exam Essay Question During my senior year in high school, I was caught spray painting the front of another local school in my town, as well as the parking lot, and baseball field. It was supposed to be a senior prank that I was going to help my friends pull, who all went to the school. Since I lived practically right next door to the school and had grown up with the graduating class, it almost seemed appropriate that I help them. About a week before graduation I and a group of my friends from the high school were having a party over at one of our friend’s houses who lived down the road from the school. There was a considerable amount of underage drinking going on, which played a role in my decision making process. Towards the end of the night someone got the idea to go pull a senior prank on the high school with spray paint cans. Seeming like a good and fun thing to do at the time, with no real foreseeable consequences, we all hoped in our cars and took off for the high school. When we arrived at the high school we proceeded to spray “SENIORS” all over the high school. It wasn’t long after we got there that the police discovered us, and sent us running in all directions. Needless to say, though some of us escaped, those who didn’t were very eager to divulge the names of the others who were involved. In the context of this delinquent behavior, the choice theory seems to fit very nicely. The decision to
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Exam 1 Essay Question - Exam Essay Question During my...

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