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What is Reality? A perception? Is it the idea of enslavement or constraints to the laws of nature? Who’s to say that what everyone perceives is necessarily real? We as humans are constantly limited by boundaries. We are limited to imagine reality based on what our mind can handle and naturally we find ways to cope with the unexplainable otherwise we are ignorant and have a natural tendency to give up thinking about it. In The Matrix our mind is a separate entity from our body. The Matrix provides for an escape to the boundaries we are restricted to in the “real world.” Once a crewmember is jacked in they are entering a world where the mind can roam free. The possibilities are endless, but it takes time before a new member is enlightened by the Matrix and their full-potential, Neo
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Unformatted text preview: must endure the same learning process each crew member had to undergo in order to begin his journey in becoming “the One.” Within his journey Neo learns what is “real” and what Morpheus and all his crewmembers have learned to accept. That machines are taking over, and in the war between man and machines, the world has turned completely desolate and the remaining fight lied underground. The machines won’t stop fighting until every fighting human is dead and until the only purpose for the human race would be to provide an energy source for these machines. The Matrix is a simulation world designed to ease the transition from a world they once new to what they have learned it to be now....
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