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Yoko Fri. 1PM Listening Log #4 “Penitentiary Blues” - Bessie Tucker In this piece we notice a pattern, very close to the ‘12 Bar Blues.’ It is obviously a Blues song because we notice the repetition in lyrics. The dynamics stay about the same throughout the song and there is little improvisation. We notice the tempo staying at a slow, steady walking pace. However, it did start out faster in the beginning. The song has raspy sound quality and is a little drone. In this folk/county blues song you can’t help but notice the simple repetitive rhythm amidst the pianist/singer. The tone of Billie Bessie Tucker’s voice is very nasely, pure, and smooth with a very mellow pitch. “Just A Little Love” - B.B. King Feat. George Benson (CD2151) When I first put this song on, I instantly thought that I was going to enjoy it. This upbeat, fast walking paced song starts out with an excellent guitar solo and is soon accompanied with the drums and every now and again you’ll hear a trumpet sound off. The tempo
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