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ListenersLog2 - Listeners Log Yoko Sezuki Jan 31 2008"Ice...

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Listeners Log Yoko Sezuki Jan. 31, 2008 “Ice Cream” – Greg Lewis, Jazz Funeral in New Orleans (CD 1124) This album was recorded Dec. 1953 with very smooth sound quality. Within the first song, “Ice Cream,” we are introduced to Greg Lewis and his clarinet, trombonist Jim Robinson, trumpeter Kid Howard and pianist Alton Purnell, none of which had I been very familiar with. However the fast tempo of the song caught my attention and I was very intrigued to hear more. Lewis and Robinson work very well together in a very strong yet simplistic rhythm. The song has a very aesthetic group of improvisation but everyone has their own little solo as well. I was very pleased to come across this song because it truly brings out the happy mood of the song and a nice swing feel too it. The song comes from the traditional New Orleans Dixieland style with a feel of its own. Just from the first song I am eager to see what else Greg Lewis has contributed to the world of Jazz.
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