Review Exam 2 - Terms from Ch 11 and Ch 12(pp 357-371...

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Terms from Ch 11 and Ch 12 (pp. 357-371) bicameralism - Composed of two legislative branches-HOR and Congress trustee vs. delegate view of representation- Trustee is where a representative acts upon personal views/opinions and a delegate is a rep. who acts upon views of public opinion( mirror his/her constituents) descriptive representation- constituency- a district represented by a elected officer reapportionment- Every 10 years after a consensus, the 435 HOR must be redistributed….some states lose seats and some states gain seats. redistricting- redrawing of a district line when voting for HOR changes the amount of seats in a state for the HOR. gerrymandering- redistricting, however this is done whenever to insure a incumbent stay in their seat. A party will draw different district lines where a majority of their respective parties lives so that they will ensure a democratic or republican vote for their HOR seat. . Reasons for increased partisanship in Congress- partisan is that the democratic and republic party are becoming more separate. causes- southern conservative democrats who are allies of republicans are disappearing, many voters have switched over to republicans in the south. 5 southern democratic senators announced retirement-opening room for Rep. leadership in south fewer Republican liberals and moderates partisanship is becoming a more dominant feature across the U.S.-thus influencing Congress. (figure out one more!) majority-minority districts- Enacted in the 1965 Voting Right Acts- to get more minorities in the house(24 seats) 15 with African Americans and 9 Hispanic Americans. This helps republicans mainly because it takes out a lot of African Americans from
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Review Exam 2 - Terms from Ch 11 and Ch 12(pp 357-371...

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