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Jonathan Deturk Dr. Snyder-Philosophy 101 3/06/08 Bernard Rollins Lecture The idea of animal rights is a new revolution that occurred within the last 50 years. Bernard Rollins, a renowned animal rights scientist and an advocate for human animal treatment, was central in this evolution. Society’s change in sentiment is largely due to several factors. The urbanization of the food industry in addition to laboratory testing, showed extreme abuses in animal welfare. The public outcry due to these atrocities were significantly enlarged by a changing dynamic in human-animal The rate of scientific advancement is the highest it has ever been. With new scientific advancements comes an increase in public interest in the safety of new products. This led to laboratory testing of new products on animals, before ever testing anything on humans. In an analysis, Rollins found very few uses of anesthesia in animal operations. Moreover, to his despair, he couldn’t find any writings about the use of anesthesia on lab animals, as if the concept doesn’t even exist. In recent decades, the food industry has become more urbanized, as businesses are
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bernard rollins - Jonathan Deturk Dr Snyder-Philosophy 101...

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