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Eng outside essay 1

Eng outside essay 1 - Ian Judd English 2100 Prof Hohl...

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Ian Judd English 2100 Prof. Hohl September 26 th , 2007 Outside Essay 1 Edward O. Wilson believes that humans are selfish people, who place themselves first. He believes that we pollute the air and water, while trying to live a more comfortable life. Also, that we are draining the Earth’s resources faster than they are able to be renewed. Wilson talks about, “the juggernaut theory of human nature: people are programmed by their genetic heritage to be so selfish that a sense of global responsibility will come too late” (Wilson 502). The result of this theory, according to Wilson is that humans will cease to exist. Wilson categorizes humans into one of two views: exemptionalism and environmentalism. Exemptionalism is that because people are: transcendent in intelligence and spirit, so must our species have been released from the iron laws of ecology that bind all other species” (Wilson 504). Since humanity is not held by these laws; it will allow humanity to solve the problems that could threaten our existence. This idea is somewhat true, but not completely. We, as humanity cannot solve every problem, but we can find solutions to some of Earth’s difficulties. The second view talked about by Wilson is environmentalism. Environmentalism keeps humankind bound to and dependent on the natural resources of planet Earth. According to environmentalism, the human intellect is not enough to break free of this limit.
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