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Unformatted text preview: his course. ! It ainʼt up yet but it will be in a couple of days.! ! I hate WebCT.! COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS (what you do)! ! Attendance/participation! ! Required readings: The two books, the other readings, plus other things I will send you online now and then! ! 3 outside-of-class research/creative projects! ! 4 exams, based upon the lectures, readings, films and outside-of-class research activities! ! In-class discussion/writing/interactive exercises ! CONTACTING ME ! (PROFESSOR MARTIN, a/k/a Michael )! My phone number is 294-8974; my e-mail is <>; generally, email is a far, far better way to get in touch with me—because I teach studio, I am rarely in rm. 579. Also, I hate using telephones. I welcome questions/comments via email and promise to respond to anything you send me ASAP.! ! I welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person as well. Please send me a note and weʼll figure out a time that works for both of us.! ! OUR TAs! ! (will introduce Thursday)! ! COURSE POLICIES and GRADING! Course grades: overall (final) grades for the course will be based upon four exams (10%, 15%, 15%, 20%; 60% total) three out-of-class assignments (10% each, 30% total) and occasional in-class writing exercises (10% total). Total course points earned by the end of the term will determine your course grade (in-between scores are rounded up or down):! ! A: !above 94! A-: !90-93! B+: !88-89! B: !83-87! B-: !80-82! C+: !78-79! C: !73-77! C-: !70-72! D+: !68-69! D: !63-67! D-: !60-62! F: !below 60! ! Extra credit opportunities are generally not provided.! ! EXAMS! Exam formats will vary. While factual knowl­ edge pertinent to the material cov­ered in the course is important, the principal focus of 183 is ideas and concepts and their inter­ connectedness, supported by specific knowledge. The course is a framework of information; it is up to you to think through the connections. Understanding of design concepts, their implication and application as presented in your examination an­swers will be vitally important. This may prove to be a very challenging learning and examina...
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This note was uploaded on 03/13/2013 for the course DSN S 183 taught by Professor Cunnally during the Spring '08 term at Iowa State.

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