whats the message here and how is it being

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Unformatted text preview: ar doctrine or belief •  An organization or concerted movement for the propagation of a particular doctrine, view, practice, etc. •  What else? Design at the scale ! of planning: ! ! City form ! expresses! ideology! What does this “mean”? Where did these guys come from?! ! What do they represent?! ! Do they “belong” here?! ! Who decides?! ! Whose memorial is this?! ! ! Whatʼs the message here, and how ! Is it being communicated?! Part Three! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Campus! ! 3 Part three! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Design and the ISU campus:! The ISU Campus as a model of comprehensive design! Vision, meaning, experience and values:! A brief history of Iowa State University! Why is Ames here? Why is ISU here?! Ames (ISU at upper left), 1875 1991 Master Plan Why does this picture represent ISU…?! ISU campus as “design” and as container of design! The contemporary ISU landscape Catt Hall Incidental use Programmed use! Pearson/Student Services Plaza The role of nature/ecology Three field-study projects associated ! with part three! ! 1.  Memorial hunt ! (campus exploration)! 2. Place recording (individualized ! reading of the campus as a ! collection of places)! ! 3. Lynchian cognitive mapping: the ! environment and the mind! Remember… •  Design is never neutral: embedded in virtually any design are the values of the sponsoring clients, the values of the designers, and the impacts the results will have on labor, the environment, and the lives and well-being of everyday people Resources for DsnS 183 (Martin section):! ! ! 1.  The two texts: The Substance of Style and ! Emotional Design; also, other readings! (Jowett, Raizman and Votolato e.g.) available in! the course reader (buy it at Copyworks; available soon)! ! 2. The course materials (syllabus, notes [if any], ! assignments, etc.) will be archived on WebCT! ! 3. The powerpoint files used during class will also be ! archived at a WebCT site established for t...
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