while some notes related to the lectures are

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Unformatted text preview: come part of your permanent ISU record. Academic dishonesty includes, among other things: any form of cheating on exams; representation of another student s work as your own, or representation of your work as the work of another; any misrepresentation of the authorship of assignments; any type of plagiarism (see ISU student handbook for a definition of plagiarism). In all instances I will follow ISU policy and refer cases of academic dishonesty to the university s Office of Student Affairs.! ! HELPFUL HINT take notes!! While some notes related to the lectures are provided, attendance at lectures and diligent note taking are essential to passing the course because the full text, images and films or videos used in the lectures are not necessarily repeated elsewhere. It is highly recommended that you bring assigned readings to class, and use a three-ring looseleaf binder so that notes from readings (if you make separate ones) can be assembled with your lecture notes and printouts from the course website in the sequence in which they are presented. Be organized! You ll be glad you were, when the time comes to review for tests.! ! Design Studies 183 · Spring MMXII · Martin · PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE Please note: Schedule is subject to adjustment/modification as needed; instructor will give notice of any significant changes. Make-up tests will not be provided, and the only time to take the final is the time dictated by ISUʼs exam schedulers. Projects are due at the beginning of the class period on their due dates. You are responsible for having read the assigned readings before the date noted for them in this schedule, See WebCT site for images and other items (pdf files, links, etc.). Additional readings may be added as needed. The Postrel and Norman books are required texts for this class; other readings are included in the course reader, available at Copyworks; other readings may be made available during the course. In-class exercises, quizzes, and other activities will occur sporadically and spontaneously, and do count for course credit. In-class exercises cannot be made up outside of class. week 1 2 3 tuesday 1/10 Introduction to course 1/17 The Aesthetic Imperative Reading: Postrel, The Substance of Style, chapter 1 (1-33) 1/24 Surface and Substance Reading:...
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