I respect the value of your timei pledge to start

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Unformatted text preview: ll be dependent upon the number of passing papers you submit; attending class consistently and providing thoughtful answers to the questions should prove to be an easy way to polish up your course grade. ! ! CLASSROOM DECORUM: It s all about respect, considerateness, and common sense! I respect each of you and will attempt to show you every courtesy; I have not forgotten what it is like to be a student in a large class, and so I will attempt to do everything I can to enhance your learning experience. I respect the value of your time—I pledge to start class on time and end class on time each day that we meet, and I always attempt to make presentations interesting and user-friendly. In return, I ask that you each show respect for your fellow students and for instructors ! CELL PHONES and LAPTOPS ! (and other small useful toys)! Cell phones must be turned off and stashed during class. A ringing cell phone is a huge distraction for the entire room, but even silent use of cell phones during class (texting etc.) can be a distraction for nearby classmates. NO TEXTING please…it s potentially distracting to the person next to you. Class is only 70 minutes long—please just put em away until 2:00. ! ! (plus youʼll usually get a text-a-licious break somewhere in the middle)! ! ACADEMIC HONESTY and its antithesis! I fully expect this will not be an issue this term, but please note: Any incidence of academic dishonesty may result in dismissal from this course, at the discretion of the instructor. I m not kidding—I have done this in prior classes where I thought circumstances warranted it —even when the dishonest act concerned a relatively minor element of the course (in terms of its point value). ! ! For me this is a very serious issue. The penalty for academic dishonesty is not limited to loss of credit for the exam or assignment in question. It may cost you a passing grade in this class, and it certainly will be...
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