In very unusual cases where a compelling reason for

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Unformatted text preview: tion process—particularly if you have a back­ ground that stresses mainly "facts" and ex­ aminations geared only to "true/false" and "multiple choice" re­sponses. ! DON T MISS AN EXAM…READ THIS!! Each exam constitutes between 10-20% of the course grade; missing an exam will obviously profoundly hinder your ability to pass the course —so please note: make-up examinations will be not be offered, as there is no way to do so equitably. (In very unusual cases where a compelling reason for missing class on an exam date exists, and you provide ample documentation for this eventuality, and you inform me about this issue before the time of the exam, I may or may not allow for alternative work to be submitted for credit in lieu of the exam. Do not count on this for anything but truly extraordinary circumstances!)! ! AND DON T TURN IN AN ASSIGNMENT LATE… READ THIS!! Each out-of-class assignment constitutes 10% of the course grade; missing one will obviously profoundly hinder your ability to pass the course— so please note: the due dates for the three out-ofclass assignments are listed on the course schedule. They will also be emphasized at several points during the course of the term. For each one they are due at the beginning of the class period on their due date. If turned in after the beginning of class on the due date, they will receive 2/3 the credit they would have earned had they been turned in on time; no credit given if turned in after the due date. I will not make any exceptions to this policy. ! ! IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENTS/QUIZZES! The in-class writing exercises or pop quizzes will occur randomly and will be based upon the readings, assignments, and lectures. They will be graded "S" or “0", and must be turned in at class that day to receive any credit. A “0" will be given for no paper having been submitted, or for papers that are deemed as not re­sponsive to the issues and content being raised in the question at hand. Your score for this 10% of the course wi...
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