Resourcesthere are always consequences in this course

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Unformatted text preview: ts the results will have on labor, the environment, and the lives and well-being of everyday people Design is engaging life by shaping the world; design! is process (how we do it) and products (what we make)! ! Design implies much beyond personal creativity and ! satisfaction, because design engages other people and! resources—there are always consequences! ! In this course we aim to help you become more critically ! aware of:! !! the pervasiveness of design in contemporary culture! !! design meaning —design has power and content beyond aesthetics! !! design and consumer culture—popular culture as a context for design! ! design and the environment (social, cultural, aesthetic, ecological; ! local, regional, national, global)! Part One! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Contemporary Design and Culture! ! 1 Part One! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Contemporary Design and Culture! ! Required text! Required text! On ! Thurs.:! IDEO IDEO The Deep Dive: One Company s Secret Weapon for Innovation We will get to know design terms! ! (for instance):! ! Aesthetics ! !Anachronistic !Lacuna! Syncretism ! !Desuetude ! !Stochastic! Synthesis ! !Structuralism !Atavistic! Propaganda! !Deconstruction !Callipygous! Postmodernism !Modernism ! !Hegemony! Dynamism ! !Palimpsest ! !Sesquipedalian! ! …acquiring a vocabulary of terms (with generally! agreed-upon meanings) that makes it possible! to think critically about design and designing, ! evaluate designed things, and discuss our ideas ! with others through verbal and written communication! ! Total design! Why Martha Stewart? Part Two! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Messages and Meanings! ! 2 Media That Re-Present Reality •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Books/Newspapers Radio Television and Movies CDs DVDs digital media Telephones and Cell Phones Advertising Cable and Direct TV Internet What is Propaganda? (and how is it different from persuasion?) •  Systematic propagation of a particul...
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