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Ian Judd English 2100 Prof. Hohl November 12, 2007 On Being Black and Middle Class Shelby Steele uses different rhetoric devices to her favor in order to convey “being black and middle class”. Steele uses strong diction and tone, along with words such as contradiction and blurred to explain that American society has a problem with distinguishing classes by race. His well-built belief that being black does not automatically put you into a certain class is greatly exhibited. Steele begins the essay by talking about her friend, who is also black. Her friend insisted that one’s race can alter one’s class distinction. Being black was just that. “For us, as black professionals, it was an exercise in self-flattery, a pathetic pretension, to give meaning to such a distinction.” (Steele 735) The fact that classes exist put pressure on the unification that the black society thrives on. Because the white only took notice of the skin color of the blacks, they were limited by it. For years Shelby Steele was on the same side of the argument. The reason she thought this was because of her experiences in high school and college. She went to school in the 60s so
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eng steele - Ian Judd English 2100 Prof Hohl On Being Black...

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