paper 3, global warming

paper 3, global warming - SOS: Save Our Snow! Global...

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SOS: Save Our Snow! Global warming is a very serious threat to the entire world, including the world of winter sports. As the effects of global warming are expected to manifest themselves most severely at northern latitudes and higher elevations, skiers, snowboarders and all-around winter revelers face the prospect of less snowfall, a reduced snowpack and a shorter season for snow sports. according to Moore and Douglas (2006) in their article Global Warming and the Golden State, unless the emissions of human-produced ‘greenhouse gases’ (carbon dioxide) are significantly reduced, the earth’s temperature will continue to rise and we could see average temperature increases of 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century;” this presents a serious concern for winter activities. Worldwide, the snow-sports industry has begun to take action to combat the potential effects of climate change with the combined efforts of industry associations, resorts and snow- sports enthusiasts. These environmental groups have been formed to help people become more
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paper 3, global warming - SOS: Save Our Snow! Global...

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