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Egypt_Terms_2007 - inscriptions cursive hieroglyphs...

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1 T HE R ISE OF C IVILIZATION [\EgyptTerms2007.wpd] February 13, 2007 T. D'Altroy A NCIENT E GYPT : H ANDY TERMS Cairo cataracts Champollion flax Herodotus Hyksos Libya mastaba: mudbrick tomb Narmer Palette Nile River nomarch: nobles and provincial rulers nome: province Nubia papyrus Petrie, Sir Flinders Sinai Desert Gods Amun : patron god of Thebes Anubis : jackal god, associated with mummification Aten : Sun Disk Horus : Hawk God Imhotep : deified official of Djoser, patron of scribes Isis : wife of Osiris Osiris : ruler of netherworld Ptah : patron god of Memphis Re : Sun God Seth : god of chaos Writing hieroglyphs: “sacred carvings”, used for monumental and ornamental
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Unformatted text preview: inscriptions cursive hieroglyphs: religious texts and the "Book of Kemyt" hieratic: normal cursive, everyday purposes demotic: cursive style of the north after 700 BC, all of Egypt after 600 Sites Abydos Amarna Buto Dahshur Giza Hierakonpolis: City of the Hawk Karnak Luxor Maadi Memphis Naqqada Saqqara Thebes Pharaohs Archaic Scorpion Narmer/Menes Old Kingdom Djoser (Zoser) Cheops/Khufu Kephren Middle Kingdom Mentuhotpe I or II (2061-2010) Amenemhet Senwosret New Kingdom Ahmose Thutmosis (several) Akhenaten Nefertiti Tutankhamen Ramesses (several)...
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