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1 T HE R ISE OF C IVILIZATION Prof. T. D'Altroy Anthropology V1008y Spring 2007 G UIDELINES FOR S TUDYING FOR THE F INAL E XAM In studying for the final, as for the midterm, remember that the course has concerned both the general processes in the rise of ancient civilization and the particular histories of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, China, Mesoamerica, and the Andes. That means that both general theories and specific cultural developments should be thought of as part of an explanatory package. Think about the main themes that the course has emphasized in the rise of civilization: social organization, politics, ideology, information processing, subsistence and craft economics, settlement patterns (esp. urbanism), and conflict. Recall the main theories that we outlined at the beginning of the course: e.g., population pressure (Malthus, Boserup); warfare and the rise of the state (Carneiro); technology, progress, and urbanism (Childe, Diamond); irrigation and state formation (Wittfogel); multivariate explanations (e.g., Redman). When considering such overarching theories, work out what the main variables were and how they related to one another; then ask how the available evidence supports or contradicts the theories. Such general approaches can then be tied to the more specific culture histories that we have examined. The exam will be structured in a manner similar to the midterm, but will not be twice as long. It will include 3 short answers and 2 essays, with choices in each section. The final exam will include a chronology of each region that we have studied, so you do not have to memorize the order of specific cultures or their dates (a mixed blessing, of course). The exam will draw
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Final_Exam_Guidelines_2007 - THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION...

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