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Indus2007Chron - Great Male God proto-Siva Great Mother...

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1 R ISE OF C IVILIZATION [Indus2007Chron.wpd] February 27, 2007 T. D'Altroy H ARAPPAN C IVILIZATION Phase Yrs (B.C.E) Late Harappan ?1700-1300 Harappan/Late Harappan Transitional 1900-?1700 Harappan Phase c. 2200-1900 Harappan Phase c. 2450-2200 Harappan Phase c. 2600-2450 Early Harappan/Kot Diji Phase c. 2800-2600 Early Harappan/Ravi Phase c. 3300-2800 (source: Harappa.com)
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H ANDY TERMS Afghanistan Baluchistan Ganges River Ghaggar-Hakra River
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Unformatted text preview: Great Male God: proto-Siva Great Mother Goddess Great Bath (Mohenjo-daro) Himalayan Mountains Indus River languages: Indo-European, Dravidian Meluhha boustrophedonic writing proto-Elamite script Rig Veda (Sanskrit) Sir John Marshall Sir Mortimer Wheeler 1 M ajor sites : Harappa Mohenjo-Daro Ganwariwala Secondary sites : Mehrgarh Kot-Diji Kalibangan Amri Balakot Lothal...
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